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Aspell - Interactive Spell Checker - Linux OS

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Aspell is an open source spell checker, it is fast and reliable. It can be very useful for correcting spell errors in many different file types: HTML documents, Text files, Emails, C/C++ programs and many other specialized texts. You don't need to install this program separately, it is incorporated in OS. Aspell Official Website: http://adfoc.us/29065061020612 Subscribe my channel for more educative videos!

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Text Comments (4)
Thanks for your video. It is very important to know all those in-board aspects of Linux boxes. You are very easy to understand. Congratulations!
SrbinHacking (7 months ago)
Thank you for your kind words Celia, I agree, there are plenty little tools that most of the people don't use, even tho they are quite useful.
Saisoft Tevault (1 year ago)
I like to use vim for creating text documents, and aspell for my spell checker. They make for a great combination.
SrbinHacking (1 year ago)
I agree.

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