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AWARD WINNING GAY SHORT FILM -- Thirteen or so Minutes (13 or so Minutes)

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For more of Branden Blinn's short films go to www.tbbmgondemand.com or www.brandenblinn.com Carlos Salas and Nick Soper star in this short film about two guys who act on the fact that they are incredibly attracted to one another. In the aftermath, one of them seems to have second thoughts. We appreciate all your comments...for those of you who have asked the AWARDS we won are: Best Short FIlm, Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival; Best Alternative Short, New York International Independent Film and Video Festival; Best Men's Short, Pittsburgh LGBT film festival. Both Nick Soper and Carlos Salas were nominated for best actor awards at Method Fest...neither of them won but out of 60 possible, two of the six nominated were these two talented actors and we're very proud of them both. And...again...the song at the end is Nicola Quilters SLEEP, DREAM, WAKE As far as our sexuality and our sexual identity...we like to say...on the Kinsey scale of 0-6 10% are gay, 10% are considered str8 and a whopping 80% were said to be somewhere in between. Those that have worked on and continue to work on our projects fit this demographic precisely. Thanks again! TBBMG
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Text Comments (2089)
Michael Chailland (1 hour ago)
WoW This was really a cool movie. Made me feel something.
James Walker (2 hours ago)
Lovely little movie, romantic and extremely moving!
Strylover (9 hours ago)
Ok....that, to me, was amazing. Very well done. A very nice moment in their lives. Thanks for the video.
SepticRaven (13 hours ago)
Amazing acting. You could just feel the emotion.
Namispond Jamispond (1 day ago)
My God what a big bloody drama over nothing. It's pretty bad when you have to persevere through a short film. The script is fucking awful, and this should show a lot of you that you are probably capable of writing a film, and it might even win a bloody award! So, in 2019, it's about time people realised that sexuality is no big deal. There are people who are 100pc straight and there are people who are 100pc gay, and then there is every percentage in-between. So what if you like a bit of the other? It's 2019. It's no big deal. Never let anyone tell you what's right or wrong. Just be who you are and own it. My motto in life is Keep It Simple. Stop with all the drama please!!!
Rosario Vela (1 day ago)
Hola es hermoso cuando existe el más noble y maravilloso sentimiento llamado amor
Matthew Stark (2 days ago)
Beautiful story. Thank you. Very much.
Jorden Ristick (3 days ago)
What I meant to say can you guys hire me to so I could play in the love scene also my stupid microphone messes up I apologize about that get back to me 👌🌟💟
Jorden Ristick (3 days ago)
Can you guys please hire me me too so I could clean one of your movies I want to play with one of your man in the Love story also back to me 👌👌👌👌👌🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💟
brandenblinn (3 days ago)
send us an email at thebbbmediagroup@gmail.com
Prasun Sen (3 days ago)
nice. it is feel good some one are the best friend ......
Pedro Holanda (5 days ago)
Adorei assistir os vídeos como é bom a gente ser feliz amar e ser amado um todo mundo tem esse direito não atrapalhar ninguém a felicidade vem para quem merece eu desejo ser feliz e quero que os outros também seja feliz
Bob Thompson (5 days ago)
I keep coming back to watch it time after time. It is so beautifully scripted and acted. Verisimilitude permeates the film throughout.
brandenblinn (5 days ago)
Thank you SO MUCH, Bob!
A Stranger Here (9 days ago)
Kiera Bass (10 days ago)
Really amazing
O Cormier (10 days ago)
Amazing short film!
John Wilson (10 days ago)
Just Beautiful.
Pero Schmidt (10 days ago)
What a beautiful 13:55 minutes lasting moment...
Joaquim Menino (11 days ago)
they don't know how to kiss!!
Nina Ouellette (12 days ago)
You guys knocked it out of the park! That was fantastic and so heartfelt. Congratulations on your awards! We'll deserved by all.
brandenblinn (12 days ago)
Thank you, Nina!
Raymond Voisine (14 days ago)
this time I know itÈs for real💝🌿🌻🌷🌹😍💰ETERNALLY<3
Raymond Voisine (16 days ago)
this is awesome music/ LOVE is GOD 💝🌿🌻🌷🌹😍💰ETERNALLY
Maxwell cash (18 days ago)
omg we need longer movies. even a part two would count.
Maxwell cash (18 days ago)
this was very cute. I mean he didn't even realize he was gay. if you're having a one night stand with a man who likes you. chances are you like him too.
Francis Balgos (19 days ago)
Shit! When you realise what's happening and going for it. :)
you’re so salty (20 days ago)
imagine in a world where you'd have this kind of civilized conversation with every single straight guy that you are trying to talk them into letting you help them discover themselves 🙄 i can only imagine... 😪
david sand (20 days ago)
Lol in Norway the majority of men are in the closet and they get loose when they get drunk or they act so! And some of them they love to be in the closet!! and play this game ((catch me if you can ))with their people with their wife’s with their society! Pathetic
Stephen Costello (17 days ago)
I agree with you.  I hate when gay guys are so turned on by 'Straight guys" like they are better than a gay guy.  A straight guy who's dick gets hard when he is with another guy is nothing more than a closeted gay guy.  It's easy. If your dick gets hard when you are with another guy, your either bi or a closeted gay guy.  BUT THEY ARE NOT STRAIGHT!
Jacques Forêt (20 days ago)
What award.... did this win?
brandenblinn (20 days ago)
Best Short Film, Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival 2008,
Michael Fitzgerald (23 days ago)
That was pretty amazing and beautiful. I remember my "shit" moment when it finally connected in my head that liking men was didn't make me the kind of person that other guys in school around me made fun of. That I didn't have to be one of those kind of people to like other guys.That I could be me, just a regular guy who happened to like other guys. That was took me so long to put it all together. That might not the best way to put words on it because I certainly have no desire to offend anyone. Thanks for making the movie as it brought back all those things I felt way back in the late '70's. Somehow it really doesn't seem so really long ago.
brandenblinn (23 days ago)
Beautiful, Michael! Thank you for sharing
Brian Keith Null (23 days ago)
The sweat rolling down into the hair if his beautiful hairy chest. And the smile on his face and after he says "distance" both if these guys are so believable together so sexy together.
Big Chungus (25 days ago)
Oh crap. Its 3 am, on a school night, im watching gay stuff, and imma pull an all-nighter. God i need to stop doing that!
Leia (25 days ago)
Wow I loved it
RealTakerslady (25 days ago)
This was so cute
Daniel G Saavedra (26 days ago)
And GREAT actors too!
Daniel G Saavedra (26 days ago)
awesome short film!
Jose Maria Galeano (26 days ago)
Bellisima love is love. Gracias.
chima chibi (27 days ago)
They don’t sound gay. I know some gay men don’t but many do. And their facial muscles are not typically gay, either. Straight guys don’t move their eyebrows much not showing much emotion. With hyper-masculine straight guys their eyebrows are almost immobile, while many gay men move their faces as women do. Their emotions are closer the surface. Aren’t those actors straight guys?
chima chibi (26 days ago)
brandenblinn Thank you, sir *\(^o^)/*!! It’s his eyebrows being a bit more mobile✌️. They’re both hot and I love the film😍.
brandenblinn (26 days ago)
well the one with the hairy chest is str8 (the one who is sitting but then stands up in the very beginning)...he's str8 in real life
brandenblinn (26 days ago)
+chima chibi correct!
chima chibi (26 days ago)
brandenblinn The actor who played the younger-looking guy with short hair is gay!!
brandenblinn (26 days ago)
Actually one of them IS gay...and the other one is str8 (in real life). One is married to a man and the other is married to a woman and has two children...guess which is which
vivaciouscritic (27 days ago)
OK sorry that guy has a cat he’s gay.
Randy Sheard (27 days ago)
Me and Jay c right now..... Bromance +
Brian Keith Null (27 days ago)
Have lost track of how many times I've watched this. The acting is so real and his eyes actually tearing up. Amazing work. I'd love to see the two of you together again. You guys work so well together.
Brent Cabrera (29 days ago)
Love is Love!
Mónica ic (30 days ago)
Wow cool movie
Nachname Vorname (1 month ago)
Hopefully i will find a guy who will tell me that i am beautyful and amazing one day!
Mayor Of Simpleton (1 month ago)
KENO KRAUSE (1 month ago)
lwf51 (1 month ago)
For me? Memories! Both of us were 18 and it wasn't just 13 minutes - it was all night. The emotional agony of falling in love and being rejected took me literally years to get over. It happened just like this portrayal - incredibly beautiful for 24hrs then he freaked out. Decades later when I'm reminded of that event I still feel it all - the wonder, the exploration, the intensity, the passion from start to finish - unlike anything I'd ever experienced before or since. Brings a lump to my throat, tears to my eyes and a terrible yearning for what was, but can never be again. That was so beautiful and the first and only time I knew what falling in love with another male "was" ! At this moment, just minutes after viewing this exquisite film, I am still feeling how I felt then - decades ago. Since then, we've both gone our separate ways, married, had kids, lived life - but having had that experience showed me how different and intense and powerful such love and sexual activity can be between two men. I'm not saying it's better or worse than the heterosexual equivalent, just how different and truly beautiful it is and was. Thank you to the creators of this film and for putting it on YouTube.
brandenblinn (1 month ago)
Beautiful...thank you for sharing!
Francisco Santos (1 month ago)
oi mas na queles beijos de amor foi o que se foi um belos dias e que hoje nos faz lembrar de coisas maravilhosas de um dias que se passou e o ventos de uma lembranças de muitos carinhos com as coisas de amor de verdades com belos beijos que nos deixou muitas lembranças de um belo beijos de amor... abraços. 🔷♣🔵🔺♣🔵🔷🔺🔴♣🔵🔷♥🔺🔴🔷🔵♥🔷♥🔺♣🔺🔴🔷🔵♣🔷♥🔺🔵🔷🔴🔺♣🔷🔵♥🔺🔷♣🔺🔷
Francisco Santos (1 month ago)
o pa com um bom e carinhos de alguém a razão para quem tem seu desejos bem realizados mas que sejas um bom rapaz de bem com as coisas de amor e carinhos com seus semelhantes em torno de vidas pois tudo estar na sua vida com amor e gratidão beeeeiiiiijos de coracao. 🔷🔵🔺♣🔵🔷🔺♣🔵🔷♥🔺🔵🔷♥🔺♣🔵🔷♣🔺🔵🔷♣🔺🔷🔵🔺🔴🔷🔵🔺♣🔷🔺♣🔷🔵🔷
Francisco Santos (1 month ago)
oi pois nas coisas da vida sempre tem um bom jeitos para ser bem desejados mas com certeza que se alguém tiver alguma respostas com palavras bem de boa qualidade isso nos fortalece com carinhos e beijos de amor abraços de alguém no seu coração. 🔷♥🔺🔷♥🔵🔺🔷♣🔺🔷🔵🔺♣🔷🔺🔵♥🔺🔷🔴🔺♥🔺🔷♣🔺🔵🔷🔴🔺🔷♥🔷♣🔺🔵🔷♣🔺🔵🔺🔷🔵🔷
Francisco Santos (1 month ago)
oi mas há na vida coisas maravilhosas que o amor de muitos boms gosto e muitas belezas com carícias de valor nas coisas de carinhos com amor de alguém nas palavras de carinhos com muitas belezas com felicidades beeeeiiiiijos de coracao ,🔷🔺🔵🔷♥🔺🔵🔷🔴♥🔺🔵🔷♣🔺🔵🔷♥🔺🔵🔷🔴🔷🔵🔺♥🔷🔴🔷🔵🔺♥🔷♣🔷🔺♥🔷🔵🔺🔷
Dennis Painter (1 month ago)
Awesome story
Brenda Flattery (1 month ago)
I think it hot and sexy too.if I had a cute guy myself.thanks
David Dewberry (1 month ago)
Bisexuals are in the majority.
Sakshi Jadhav (1 month ago)
Christian Debasio (1 month ago)
Sha Bong Boo (1 month ago)
Anyone wants to show me love like this...??
kbamm69 (1 month ago)
is there a gay short film that hasn't won some kind of award?
brandenblinn (1 month ago)
Atlanta Dazzler (1 month ago)
Francisco Santos (1 month ago)
oi mas os beijos são com sertezas nas com quistas de um amor de alguém que nos valoriza as belas coisas do coração... abraços e beeeeeiiiiijos de alguém, 🔷♥🔺🔷🔵♥🔺🔷♣🔴♥🔺🔷♣🔷🔵🔺♥🔷🔴🔺♥🔷🔵🔺♥🔷🔴🔺♥🔷🔵🔺🔴🔵♥🔺🔷🔵🔺🔷♥🔺🔷
Francisco Santos (1 month ago)
oi os sentimentos nos faz pensar em algumas formas de se amar sejas com um ou com outras mas os desejos são os caprichos e prazeres do coração abraços de alguém no seu coração felicidades com prazer e carinhos de alguém... 🔷🔴🔺🔷🔵♥🔺🔴🔷♣🔺🔴🔷♥🔺🔴🔷♣🔵🔺🔴🔷🔴🔺🔵♥🔺🔴🔷♣🔺🔴🔷🔵♥🔺🔴🔷♥🔵🔺🔴🔷🔵♥🔺🔷
Taylor Sanders (1 month ago)
It's so weird how you can jerk a guy off or suck his dick, but as soon as you kiss him its whole different thing.
dino917 (1 month ago)
The dude in denial looks like Ted mosby lol
Francisco Santos (1 month ago)
mas tem coisas na vida que só quem tem seus desejos bem realizados e não precisa procurar nas esquinas da vida mas na vida tudo tem seu tempo e prazer nas coisas do amor abraços e beeeeeiiiiijos de alguém 🔷♥🔺🔷🔴♥🔺🔷♣🔷🔺♥🔺🔴🔷🔵🔺♥🔷🔴🔺♥🔷♣🔺🔷♥🔷🔺🔷
Francisco Santos (1 month ago)
oi garotos mas a belezas tem seu desejos e sonhos e o amor tem seus caprichos de um bem de com fianças que nos em paz para ser bem desejados no coração e ser feliz ...🔷♥🔺🔵🔺♣🔺♥🔷🔵🔺🔴♣♥🔷🔵🔺🔷♥🔺♥🔷🔴🔺♥🔷♣🔺♥🔷🔴🔺🔵♥🔷🔺🔴🔷♥🔺🔵🔺♥🔷🔺🔷
Francisco Santos (1 month ago)
ser feliz é desejar estar com alguém que se amas de purezas com amor e gratidão de bom coração digo com as palavras Majicas do amor e do coração abraços beeeeeiiijos de alguém 🔷🔵🔺🔴🔷♥🔺♣🔵🔺♥🔴🔷🔵🔺♥🔺♣🔷🔺♥🔵🔷♥🔺🔴🔷🔺♥🔷♣🔺🔴🔷🔵🔺♥🔷🔺♥🔷🔺♣🔷🔴🔺🔷🔵🔺♥🔷
Francisco Santos (1 month ago)
oi com gratidão sou bem apaixonado por um alguém que tem desejos do mesmo Sexo que faz alguém ser feliz beijos e abraços de perfeição no seu coração felicidades beeeeiiiiijos 🔷🔺♥🔷♣🔺🔷♥🔺🔷🔵🔺♥🔷♣🔺♥🔷🔵♥🔺🔷♣🔺♥🔵🔷🔴🔺♥🔵🔷🔴🔺♥🔷🔵🔺🔷
Francisco Santos (1 month ago)
mas a queles que acredita no amor e hora de crer na felicidades com amor e carinhos abraços e beeeeeeiiiijos no coração de alguém...🔷♥🔺🔷🔵♥🔺🔷♣🔴🔺🔷🔴🔷♥🔺♣🔵🔷♥🔺🔷🔴♥🔷🔺🔵🔷♣🔺🔷♥🔺🔷🔵🔺🔷♥🔺🔷
Francisco Santos (1 month ago)
oi mas as coisas na vida se completas quando alguém está afim de coisas maravilhosas que é bom na vida com amor e carinhos abraços e beeeeeeiiiijos de alguém 🔷♥🔺🔷🔴♥🔺🔷🔵♥🔺🔷♣🔺🔷♥🔷🔺🔵🔺🔷♥🔷🔵🔺♥🔴🔷♣🔷♥🔺🔷🔴♥🔷🔺🔵🔺🔷♥🔺🔷
Francisco Santos (1 month ago)
mas é que é maravilhosos belos rapazes e um bom relacionamentos bem digamos assim gostosos beeeeeiiiiijos de alguém 🔷♥🔷🔵♥🔺🔷🔴♣🔺🔷🔵🔺♥🔷🔴♥🔺🔷♣🔺🔷♥🔺🔷🔵🔺🔴🔷♣🔷🔴🔺♥🔷♣🔺🔷🔴🔷♥🔺🔷
Santi Medina Fuentes (1 month ago)
First line, they start saying everything and it goes on. I think the script is so basic.
willako L (1 month ago)
one of my favourite shorts
Carl Sims (1 month ago)
Ever since I was a young man in my twenties I've wanted to work with people struggling with their sexuality, from teens all the way to adults. This short film just reignited that spark. There are so many people out there who don't understand that sex, and gender are such fluid things, and nothing to be ashamed, or scared of. My god this was a wonderful piece of cinematography! Thank you so much for bringing this to the world!
brandenblinn (1 month ago)
Thank you, Carl!
Andrew Church (1 month ago)
“...shit” best script ever
Pedro Holanda (1 month ago)
Lindos sonhos de amor
Jason Cholo (1 month ago)
Good thing I was alone when I watched this. It sounds like porn in the first 10 secs..
Adhy Bae (1 month ago)
Fvk that first moaning my mom heard it too
Pancho Mulongeni (1 month ago)
In 2013, this may have been a great film, but in 2019, it is far too sentimental. In our era of grindr, one wonders if such encounters are nothing more than a wistful desire for the days when you had no other way to meet other men but going out into a venue.
dave john (1 month ago)
2013 was only 6 years ago , same thing , this would have been sentimental more then 20 years ago before Google search made it more easy , 2013 ? you are only going back to the middle of this current decade (2010s) that we are almost done with .
brandenblinn (1 month ago)
You must be in a city...because for rural America...this is still the only way to meet...and, FYI most bi encounters of this sort STILL happen this way...two str8 men, away on business, in a bar getting a drink to relax them b4 they go to bed...not really looking, just connecting....
dwdesignstt (1 month ago)
Awwwwww..... 😭😭😭😭
jkbigdd (1 month ago)
Idk how i feel about this film. In one point I'm like wow i can feel the connection between the two. But in another it seems this would never really happen in real life. I'v seen so much bs between humans that this could never happen but in my heart i wish it could happen to me. I am gay I'll admit. But the connection i saw between these two humans was real. Acting i know. But before i die i hope i can feel the same.
Rob Young (1 month ago)
I’m always looking for good Gay films, this is a film I’m happy to see. As a gay man a film like this validates that a non commercial film can be as good as big release.
Tony Pajunen (1 month ago)
So... part 2 of this would be that now both these guys will end up wanting to have biological children eventually and will end up getting married to women but will still want to be with each other too, so they'll end up cheating on the women they've married or they'll have to subject their children to some kind of weird open marriage thing, thus messing the kids up psychologically because they won't understand why mommy is sad that daddy keeps leaving to spend time with someone else.
Alan Mole (1 month ago)
My first straight friend that I ever came out to ,told me that when 2 people are in love it has nothing to do with their sexual organs but their souls !
Joe Pepe (1 month ago)
Beautiful film
Deni Lotus (1 month ago)
Beautifull i know is notbeasy for to know each other felling deep inside😘😘
Deni Lotus (1 month ago)
I know its amaxing and i filed that moment lol
Alexia Boyington (1 month ago)
Im wearing earbuds and was just NOT expecting the sounds at the beginning
Zak Khan (1 month ago)
When will something like this happen with me ? When will I find my true love ?
Preet Cruise (1 month ago)
Very touching 😍 Like it
Aries Snake (1 month ago)
I actually had a good time watching it.
Hafiz Aaron (1 month ago)
I made a lot of sex to different ppl... But I did recently exp sex like this and it made me... My broken heart, started hoping for someone to patch it up again....I wish and I wish.... It'll stay this time ... Unbroken
Tony (1 month ago)
Now his hairy chest is covered in cum.
keivefy (1 month ago)
More claptrap. The fact is the VAST VAST majority are straight and either guys fancy women or women fancy men and will never be sexually fluid as the makers of this film so dearly wish. And of gay men, most of them only fancy men and while they may have dated a woman when younger before they come out, once they do its bye-bye vagina for good.
Tony Bautista (1 month ago)
I enjoyed this. And regardless of what anyone is opposed to, whether they are straight, gay, somewhere in-between... life is about ALL of it. Not just what is expected, preferred, tolerated, and all of those other borders and restraints we put on ourselves, and one another. If you wanna live, and have no regrets, then live. Everyone is different. We are each, only, a very tiny part in what others are willing to accept about themselves, ourselves, and each other. Peace. 3:)
TheWhore2culture (1 month ago)
Very special & beautiful💥👊❤✅💯👌🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👍Kudos👏👏👏to EVERYONE involved👋🌟✌💖
Rich Loquinerio (1 month ago)
Swelling like the p*nis
Casey Richmond (1 month ago)
I think when he said " shit " during the hug at the end of the video it was meant in the context of a realization or epiphany the he had feeling for another man. I do not think it was meant as a slur or an insult like some think it was. This is my favorite LGBTQ themed short story. It doesn't hurt both of these guys are WAY cute ( especially the shirtless one ).
brandenblinn (1 month ago)
Exactly..."shit" (I'm gay)
Ham Brower (1 month ago)
Love is love is love is love...right?
keivefy (1 month ago)
Except when it's lust....
brandenblinn (1 month ago)
raydaveed (1 month ago)
Ridiculous. But interesting. Lmao
Mas Salim (1 month ago)
wecos diendre fix and kick
Jeffrey Clarke (1 month ago)
Man sex is the best.
Dan Siebrand (1 month ago)
he's damn hot with glasses😍

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