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Maari 2 - Rowdy Baby (Video Song) | Dhanush, Sai Pallavi | Yuvan Shankar Raja | Balaji Mohan

1931239 ratings | 332385159 views
Unleashing the Video Song of #RowdyBaby from #Maari2. Maari 2 stars Dhanush, Sai Pallavi, Krishna, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar & Tovino Thomas in lead roles; Music Composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja & Directed by Balaji Mohan. Track Credits Track: Rowdy Baby Singers: Dhanush & Dhee Lyrics: Poetu Dhanush Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja http://divo.in/Maari2 iTunes - http://bit.ly/RowdyBabyMaari2 Google Play - http://bit.ly/2E3Y0mI Gaana - https://bit.ly/2P67L4Q Saavn - https://bit.ly/2AvI34R Hungama - https://bit.ly/2E27OOf Raaga - https://bit.ly/2BDhXhZ Wynk Music - https://bit.ly/2FN69Od Jio Music - https://bit.ly/2zvkWaS Idea Music - https://bit.ly/2PXP0WX Composed & Arranged by Yuvan Shankar Raja Harmonies: Srivardhini, Senthildass Electric Guitar: Joshua Mark Raj Saxophone: Raja Trumpet & Trombone: Babu Rhythm Section: V.Kumar, Lakshminarayana, Raju, Vedachalam, Lakshmikanth, Jagan Mohan Rhythm Section Recorded at Cirkul Entertainment by Ramji Voice Conduction: Vasudevan, Senthildass Program Co-ordination: V.Subbiah, Ahamad Recorded @ U1 Records Recorded by M. Kumaraguruparan D.F.Tech (U1 Records) Mixed by M. Kumaraguruparan D.F.Tech Mastered by Ramji Wunderbar Films Private Limited Dhanush "MAARI 2" Written & Directed by Balaji Mohan a Yuvan Shankar Raja musical Cast: Dhanush, Sai Pallavi, Krishna, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar & Tovino Thomas, Robo Shankar, Kalloori Vino & Others Producer: Dhanush Executive Producer: S Vinod Kumar DOP: Om Prakash Production Design: Amaran A Edit: GK Prasanna Costumes: Vasuki Bhaskar Choreography: Jani, Prabhu Deva, Baba Bhaskar Stunts: Silva Lyrics: Poetu Dhanush Designs : Sivakumar S (SivaDigitalArt) PRO : Riaz K Ahmed Banner: Wunderbar Films Jani | S P Chokkalingam | Sync Cinema | Raja Krishnan | Martin Rex | Raja B | A Saravanakumar | Nagu | Digital Bricks | Amir Music on Wunderbar Studios Digital Partner: Divo #Maari2 on FB  https://www.facebook.com/Maari2Offl/ Subscribe to our channel bit.ly/WunderbarStudios Wunderbar Films Official FB Page: http://bit.ly/WunderbarFilmsfb Wunderbar Films Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/WunderbarFilms Follow us on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/wunderbarfilms/ In Association with Divo http://www.facebook.com/divomovies https://twitter.com/divomovies
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Text Comments (108086)
Wunderbar Studios (2 months ago)
Thank you for all the love, views, likes, comments (and even the dislikes!)! We too have been enjoying the video with you! Let us know from which part of the world your watching! Also the video is now available in 4k and also available with English and Hindi subs!
Mathi Cvf (16 days ago)
500 comment
Karrhtiha Ganesan (19 days ago)
Wht ever danush sir do it...it become a hit😊
Dark channal Tamil (1 month ago)
Cherry Blossom (1 month ago)
If Prabhudeva is Choreographer there is no end for likes or views
Sathibabu A a (1 month ago)
I am 500 th reply for the comment I almost seeing this song 56times
Raju Guchhait (5 minutes ago)
I'm bengali and ... can't understand but just love this song ❤️
Shiva Chindam6 (20 minutes ago)
Shiva Chindam6 (20 minutes ago)
mani kanta prabhas (21 minutes ago)
Jai maari
K_U_M_A_R_A_ (23 minutes ago)
Srikanth Srikanth (30 minutes ago)
Ninsan Av (32 minutes ago)
ananda subbu (35 minutes ago)
#Prabu deva's dance +#sai pallavi's steps+#dhanush fans is equal to ssssssssseeeeeeeeemmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaa maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssss. 👏👍 for 300m+ views we wish it will be definitely 1000m+views
Devi Kala (35 minutes ago)
now crossed 332m......
Sandeep Kaler (41 minutes ago)
vishnu jejji (44 minutes ago)
333m grate number
vidyadhar yelisetti (52 minutes ago)
500M Song man
MANOJ SONAWANE (54 minutes ago)
Best song in telugu or tamil
My blog by UK (29 minutes ago)
It's Tamil dude
Эль Макферсон (55 minutes ago)
It's just so crazy! The choreography is fantastic! WOW! I watched a lot of Indian rollers and ANYWHERE a unique stage dances. BRAVO! I'm from Russia, we love Indian culture.
Apparao Nemaala (56 minutes ago)
saipallavisuper song i love you this songggggggggggggggggggg
Awesome song and dance first watched for kids and now im watching kids went
SHIV PODDAR (1 hour ago)
Mast 😍😍
Prabha karan (1 hour ago)
It's going to number 1 songs in Indian history one day .will come...
Ganpat Lal (1 hour ago)
who is here fan of dhanush
from andhra
Phani Indra (1 hour ago)
7 days 27m views
Lakshmi Uday (1 hour ago)
Nice direction
Lakshmi Uday (1 hour ago)
Amazing song
Likhith J (1 hour ago)
Sai pallavi dance is super.
Dhoni lee (1 hour ago)
Who is here after csk victory
Sweety Sri (1 hour ago)
Super song
Research and Believe (1 hour ago)
400 million surely cross congrats in advance
Arif Ari (1 hour ago)
South india's highest viewers song
happy forever (1 hour ago)
views doesnt reach a 1 billion
kannappan ak (1 hour ago)
This song will reach 500M views soon 😚
RAMYA N (1 hour ago)
Vasuki Adi (1 hour ago)
Super song
karthi erode (1 hour ago)
Very nice songs
Pannerselvan G (1 hour ago)
Very happy😄😃😁😛😊😉
Dhanush Tamil Tamil (1 hour ago)
Waiting for 350 million views😍😘
This song credit goes to yuvan shankar raja (music director)
FIVE (14 minutes ago)
so not for sai pallavi dance or prabhu deva choreography ?
Thanks Google (1 hour ago)
North Indian hit like.
Ramesh Emmetkar (1 hour ago)
Sakthi Vel (1 hour ago)
Rowedy baby vignesheirhya
Thanks Google (1 hour ago)
From north India but I do like this song.
hariharan 1998 (1 hour ago)
Rohith B (1 hour ago)
endho avarathicha patta.pazam baby
Kavitha Krishna (1 hour ago)
E song istamaina varu like kottanddi
Food & Craft (2 hours ago)
1B Views Coming Soon
Manoj Rawe (2 hours ago)
Very super
SHAIKH ASHRAF (2 hours ago)
500m + confirm
Alok Kumar (2 hours ago)
Who are from North side ? Didn't understand a single word but love the song most.
FIVE (13 minutes ago)
hindi subtitles is available
Lokesh Tharak (2 hours ago)
Daily viewers like here 😍😍
Sonelal Sonu (2 hours ago)
It's amazing
v murugan (2 hours ago)
Swathi Banda (2 hours ago)
naveen kumar (2 hours ago)
M Razin (2 hours ago)
wooow nice song
arin paul (2 hours ago)
Suparrrrrrr song
HAMEED K (2 hours ago)
super bro
kotesh M (2 hours ago)
I like song Mari 2
Raman Chandran (2 hours ago)
Very very nice song super 😘😘😘
Mohammed Shazny (2 hours ago)
Venisha Thangarajoo (2 hours ago)
331 million
In my eyes can't take it sai pallavi dance performance
Sanju Rebeka (2 hours ago)
U1 മാജിക്‌ .......
Excellent performance of saipallavi and coreographer prabhudeva 😃😙
Lokesh Lokesh (2 hours ago)
Jai maari
Lokesh Lokesh (2 hours ago)
Jai Dhanush Anaya 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Lokesh Lokesh (2 hours ago)
Helton Sheejan (2 hours ago)
Super song very much
Paban Rajbongshi (2 hours ago)
Nice view
N VIGNESH (2 hours ago)
Enga Dhanush Anna song epayum hit tha😍😍😍😍
mdali syed (2 hours ago)
l love this song l can't say that how much l like
Abirami 113 (2 hours ago)
Semma song na daily mini 5 times aavathu paapa...😍😎😘 rocking dance😘😋😋😋
அருமை ரௌடி பேபி
leenus R (2 hours ago)
South Indian cinema records #washout #rowdybaby 😎👍
venkat naidu (2 hours ago)
Klp9 77 ppporedddf79l
Bala Murugan (2 hours ago)
Semma song
Thangaraj Sadhusha (2 hours ago)
Vera level reach ROWDY BABY ❤
MN Ashfak (2 hours ago)
Patta nice great song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕
sridhar ravi (2 hours ago)
Intha song release anathula irunthu epa veraikum daily veiws paka varavanga ethana Peru hit like
Naveen HD (3 hours ago)
Kiladi jodi songs
Swaroop Parab (3 hours ago)
Best song .I loved it
SAN gu (3 hours ago)
From 2.10 🔥🔥🔥🔥
sasi dharan (3 hours ago)
181k dislike those idiots go and hang somewhere
Dance Ku Sai pallavi Ku oru salut
Avinash (3 hours ago)
Yuvan Shankar Raja 😘😍
Uday Kiran (3 hours ago)
Just in 2 months it got 330+million views in 1 year it will definitely reach 500+million views it's damn sure Jai sai pallavi
Sk azim Ali (3 hours ago)
Can't understand this language but enjoy this song..love from Kolkata
Ra B (2 hours ago)
Love from Chennai ❤️❤️
Dinesh Rosedin (3 hours ago)
Parveen 24 (3 hours ago)
If you like pallavis dance like here
Rohith Charan (3 hours ago)
Mohamed Aflan (3 hours ago)
Sai pallavi dance and action superrrbbb
Subramayam Vuta (3 hours ago)
Very nice song
sasi repalle (3 hours ago)
Srikanth Kuna (3 hours ago)
who are here for checking views
Mhomad Aakib (3 hours ago)
rajesh panchakshari (3 hours ago)
331M views... daily viewers like here👍👍
Azad Pv (4 hours ago)
Sai pallavi perfect dance
Dhana Chezhiyan (4 hours ago)
now cross 331M 😳😳😳

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